Book review - Unbroken

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Unbroken follows the story of a first generation Italian immigrant, Louie Zamperini, in Torres, Calif. from his days as a track athlete to a bombardier in World War II.

The first half of the book details Louie’s efforts and success on the track field. He did so well he competed in the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin.

Eventually, Louie is drafted into the war and serves as a bombardier on the Pacific front. His bomber is shot down in the Pacific and he and another guy float on a shoddy raft for 47 days (this is the most exciting part of the book) until they are captured by the Japanese. For the remainder of the war, they are beaten and abused in POW camps until their release in 1945.

That’s about it.

I don’t particularly like non-fiction unless it’s information on a person I truly am interested in. Like, for instance, Thomas Jefferson. Non-fiction writers tend to be boring, and Laura Hillenbrand (the author of this book) is certainly boring.